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The Biosimilars Association Austria warns of end of biosimilars price regulation at the end of the year

The 4 years of biosimilars price regulation in Austria have proven successful. Since April 2017, 22 biosimilars have been included in the reimbursement code, saving approximately EUR 247 million (2017-2019).

However, the biosimilars price regulation expires at the end of this year. That would mean a situation like before April 2017, where only a few biosimilars were available in Austria. The Biosimilars Association Austria calls for the transfer of the price regulation into permanent law. This means planning security for companies and supply security for patients.

In an online press conference, Dr. Sabine Möritz-Kaisergruber, president of the Biosimilars Association Austria, commented on February 23, 2020: “Considering that more than 30 additional biologics will lose their patent in the next 10 to 15 years, planning security for biosimilars suppliers is enormously important so that they can continue to enter the market in Austria and the healthcare system can continue to benefit from the enormous savings potential in the future.”

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