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Milestones in the company’s history

Since its founding by Sabine Möritz-Kaisergruber and Helmut Kaisergruber in 2004, Astro Pharma has become a successful, family-run company employing some 36 pharmaceutical professionals, all of whom have many years of experience in the industry. With our extensive network, we also tackle challenging tasks head on. Gut vernetzt packen wir auch herausfordernde Aufgaben aktiv an.


  • Partnership since January 2024 for the product Monofer 100 mg/ml solution for injection or infusion (iron (III)-derisomaltose) for the Danish family-owned company Pharmacosmos.


Market launch of Vegzelma 25 mg/ml (bevacizumab) in Austria for Celltrion Healthcare and Remsima 120 mg solution for injection in pre-filled pen and Yuflyma 80 mg solution for injection in pre-filled pen.

Cooperation with Paion for the distribution in Austria of Xerava® 100 mg (Eravacyclin).


Market launch of Yuflyma® (Adalimumab) for Celltrion Healthcare.


Market launch of Odomzo® hard capsules (sonidegib), a hedgehog inhibitor for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma, for the pharmaceutical company Sun Pharma.


Market launch of Fomicyt® for InfectoPharm, Fosfomycin with Austrian approval.


Market launch of Herzuma® 420 mg (trastuzumab), the first trastuzumab biosimilar in Austria for Celltrion Healthcare.


  • introduction of Enoxaparin BECAT® for the Spanish pharmaceutical company Rovi – the first low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) biosimilar in Austria.
  • Market launch of Herzuma® 150 mg (Trastuzumab) for Celltrion Healthcare.
  • Market launch of Ganirelix Astro 0,25 mg/0,5 ml Solution for injection in a prefilled syringefor the IBSA company.


  • Market launch of Ritemvia® (Rituximab), the first Rituximab biosimilar in Austria manufactured by Celltrion Healthcare.
  • Partnership with the German pharmaceutical company InfectoPharm and market launch of Fosfomycin Astro 8g.


  • Astro Pharma is a founding member of the Austrian Biosimilar Association (BiVÖ) Mrs. Sabine Möritz-Kaisergruber becomes president of the lobby group.
  • Astro Pharma takes over the tetanus/diphtheria vaccine Td-pur® for sale in Austria and Germany, and DIFTETALL® in Italy.
  • Astro Pharma is taking over exclusive distribution of Meriofert®. Another IVF hormone is approved through the partnership with IBSA.


Market launch of Remsima® (Infliximab), the first anti-TNF biosimilar in Austri


Partnership with South Korean pharmaceutical group Celltrion Healthcare. We are the Austrian distributor for Remsima® (Infliximab).


Partnership with the Spanish pharmaceutical company ERN and product launch of Fosfomycin Astro 1g and 4g.


Astro Pharma take the distribution of the oncology and antibiotic portfolio from Aspen.


Partnership with the South African pharmaceutical company Aspen. Astro Pharma become the exclusive distributor for Imurek® (Azathioprin) in Austria.


Astro Pharma introduces the biosimilar NivestimTM for Hospira in Austria.


Astro Pharma receives a licence for the antibiotic Pipitaz® (Piperacillin, Tazobactam).


Astro Pharma introduces the biosimilar RetacritTM (Epo zeta) for Hospira in Austria.


Purchase of the glycopeptide antibiotic Vancomycin from Eli Lilly.


Partnership with Dr. Friedrich Eberth Arzneimittel GmbH and started the distribution of the company’s medicinal products. Dr. Friedrich Eberth Arzneimittel GmbH remained the marketing authorization holder and legally responsible person for the marketed products in Austria.


  • Partnership with the Swiss pharmaceutical company IBSA. The partnership enables in-vitro fertilisation with innovative hormones such as Fostimon®, Progedex® or Meriofert® at an affordable price in Austria.
  • Astro Pharma becomes exclusive distributor for the Australian pharmaceutical company Mayne Pharma for generic oncology products.


  • Astro Pharma buys licences for 4 anti infective (Cephalosporins) from Eli Lilly.
  • Company founding by married couple Dr Sabine Möritz-Kaisergruber and Helmut Kaisergruber.
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