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Astro Pharma is marketing authorization holder of the bivalent Tetanus/Diphtheria vaccines Td-pur® in Germany and Austria and DIF-TET-ALL® in Italy.

Astro Pharma has taken over these former Novartis vaccines from GlaxoSmithKline with long-term supply agreements. Astro Pharma is committed to taking responsibility with vaccines as well and to proving itself as a reliable and deliverable partner to the Austrian healthcare system.


Product name Substance
Td-pur® for adults and adolescents Tetanus-Toxoid / Diphtherie-Toxoid


Product name Substance
Td-pur® Tetanus-Toxoid / Diphtherie-Toxoid


Product name Substance
DIFTETALL® Suspension in prefilled syringe Tetanus-Toxoid / Diphtherie-Toxoid

“*The Package leaflet can be found in the “Austrian medicinal product index” of the Austrian Federal Office for Safety in the Health Care (BASG)(in German). **The Package leaflet can be found in the Italian medicinal product index. If you have any question regarding Astro Pharma’s vaccines, please contact .

Here you will find the conditions for the exchange and return of medicines: Return conditions (only in German)

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