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Astro Pharma is marketing authorization holder of the bivalent Tetanus/Diphtheria vaccines Td-pur® in Germany and Austria and DIF-TET-ALL® in Italy.

Astro Pharma has taken over these former Novartis vaccines from GlaxoSmithKline with long-term supply agreements. Astro Pharma is committed to taking responsibility with vaccines as well and to proving itself as a reliable and deliverable partner to the Austrian healthcare system.


Product name Substance
Td-pur® for adults and adolescents Tetanus-Toxoid / Diphtherie-Toxoid


Product name Substance
Td-pur® Tetanus-Toxoid / Diphtherie-Toxoid


Product name Substance
DIFTETALL® Suspension in prefilled syringe Tetanus-Toxoid / Diphtherie-Toxoid

“*The Package leaflet can be found in the “Austrian medicinal product index” of the Austrian Federal Office for Safety in the Health Care (BASG)(in German). **The Package leaflet can be found in the Italian medicinal product index. If you have any question regarding Astro Pharma’s vaccines, please contact Agim Muaremi, BSc.

Here you will find the conditions for the exchange and return of medicines: Return conditions (only in German)

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