DIFTETALL® Italy info


What is DIF-TET-ALL® and what is it used for?
DIF-TET-ALL® is a vaccine against Diphtheria and Tetanus with reduced antigens for adults and children aging from 7 years and above.

The distribution of DIF-TET-ALL® in Italy has been taken over by Gramma Farmaceutici s.r.l. Storage of goods, order acceptance, order processing and shipping of goods take place at Gramma Farmaceutici s.r.l. on behalf of Astro Pharma.

Address and Contact
Domenico Tanca Ceglie
Astro Pharma GmbH
Phone: +39 (0) 345 6811074
E-Mail: d.tancaceglie[at]astropharma.at
PEC: astro-office[at]legalmail.it

Orders and complaints concerning deliveries:
Gramma Farmaceutici s.r.l.
Via della Mola Saracena snc
00065 Fiano Romano RM
Phone: +39 0 765 455909
Telefax: +39 0 765 455912-13
E-Mail: info[at]grammafarmaceutici.it